Digital Consignment Notes Transforming Transport

Digital Consignment Notes Transforming Transport

Network4Cars proudly announces their recent collaboration with TransFollow, marking a crucial step towards digitization in the logistics sector. This strategic alliance signifies the end of traditional paper consignment notes and opens the door to a more efficient and transparent future.

Digital revolution in transport

The traditional consignment note is making way for its digital counterpart. One of the notable benefits of this collaboration is real-time insight into the transportation process. Previously, it could take more than three weeks to receive a paper consignment note, causing delays in invoicing. With digital consignment notes, Network4Cars can invoice weeks earlier, significantly speeding up the entire process.

Patrick Weinans, logistics manager at Network4Cars, emphasizes the importance of knowing when a car is loaded: "We have one employee dedicated full-time to these administrative tasks. Digitally, it will save us a lot of time." Furthermore, digitization eliminates the problem of illegible handwriting on paper documents, providing an additional advantage.

Implementation and Future Plans

The implementation began with a series of initial tests and trials, with drivers needing some time to understand the new process. After successful test transports, Network4Cars will gradually roll out the system to their own carriers. They are actively seeking suitable integration for all carriers to ensure a streamlined transition.

"We have had a very positive experience with our collaboration with Beurtvaartadres (TransFollow's Dutch partner)," says Weinans. "Our IT team found it to be a great project to work on, and the feedback and results are very pleasing and efficient. Overall, we can conclude that we are very positive about the collaboration with Lindsay Postel and Marcel Salakory from Beurtvaartadres."

The transition to digital consignment notes promises not only an improvement in operational efficiency for Network4Cars but also a positive impact on the entire logistics sector.

Stay tuned for more updates on this development in the world of transport and digitization.

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