Network4Cars has a rich history in the international car trade

Network4Cars was founded in 2000. At first, the owners were only selling right-hand drive vehicles to the United Kingdom. In 2003 the company started selling left-hand drive vehicles to Germany, and soon after to other European countries.

In 2007 Network4Cars ended the broker role and started owning and delivering all cars from its own compounds. In 2011 the company relocated to a new and bigger facility in Nieuw-Vennep, near Amsterdam. Since 2015 Network4Cars has expanded and now has offices in several European countries.

In 2016 the company spread outside Europe and invested in digitalization and automation, making buying and selling cars easier.

Based on the developments in the market today, Network4Cars buys and sells new, nearly new, and used cars. The benefit for our customers is presenting the right offerings, at competitive prices, and with high reliability.



Network4Cars starts exporting RHD cars to the UK

Expand to Germany

Sales of LHD cars and expansion of activities to Germany

The rest of Europe

Expanding activities to the whole of Europe

Stock holding!

No more brokerage! Network4Cars owns and delivers all cars from its own compounds

New Office

Growing further Network4Cars moves to a new office and compound location in Nieuw-Vennep, close to Amsterdam

More offices

Opening offices in several European countries

Worldwide expansion

Expanding business to the whole world (USA, Mexico, Asia, Middle East, etc.)

Additional services

Introducing new services for leasing companies

New website

Launch of new company website and corporate identity

Commercial vehicles and luxury cars
Expansion of our offerings with new commercial vehicles and Luxury cars!
Business locations Europe
Established in 5 proprietary business locations across Europe.
Celebration of the 22nd anniversary and success of Network4Cars with the entire European team on Ibiza!
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