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WLTP regulations as of September 2019

WLTP regulations as of September 2019

As of 1 September 2019, step 3 of the WLTP will be concluded. This means that a lot of type approvals will expire. In other words, cars with these type approvals have to be registered before September 1st 2019. Therefore, our customer support team made a brief summary of what to expect, but most importantly what to do.

How can we help?

To make this process as easy as possible, Network4Cars will help you with this transition. This means that we will proactively inform you whether to take action on the cars that you recently bought from us. We will do this by sending you an email with the VIN number of all cars that we sold to you of which the type approval number will expire, and have no registration in Europe. The only thing left to do for you is to register the vehicles before the 1st of September, and perform a double check on your other stock, bought elsewhere. If you are in doubt about your other stock, we will be more than happy to provide you additional information, even for the vehicles that you did not buy from us.

The team of Network4Cars has appointed Nicole as our WLTP specialist and customer support specialist, so if you have any question feel free to get in contact with her.

Tax consequences

Manufacturers are still obliged to state both the WLTP CO2 value and the recalculated NEDC CO2 value on the Certificate of Conformity (COC). In some of our customer countries, the tax base is calculated based on the average CO2 emission of the car. The rules surrounding the WLTP allow the individual tax authorities to decide until when the NEDC CO2 value may be used to determine the tax base on a vehicle. The EU has decided that every country’s tax authority can decide this for themselves, therefore we ask you to check this with your local tax authority to make sure that this will not catch you by surprise.

However, please keep in mind that it is your own responsibility to register your unregistered stock in time.

This article is meant to inform you about the upcoming changes, so you can act accordingly.

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Network4cars è conforme a gdpr
Con effetto dal 21 maggio 2018, Network4Cars ha completato tutte le fasi necessarie alla conformità con i più recenti regolamenti UE in materia di protezione dei dati personali.
When business as usual becomes unusual
First of all we hope you, your family members and employees are doing well. We live in unprecedent times and realize that the Corona-crisis has an impact on you personally.  The whole situation creates uncertainty and will mean new challenges and dilemmas, which we have to face together.
La tabella mostra le direttive e i regolamenti, e quali elementi dell’omologazione scadranno alla data riportata nella colonna “scadenza omologazione”.
Si concluderà la fase 3 del WLTP
In poco meno di due mesi a partire da oggi, avrà inizio la nuova fase relativa al passaggio dal regolamento NEDC a quello WLTP. Il team di Network4Cars si propone che clienti e associati siano perfettamente preparati al suddetto cambiamento.
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